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Drugs advice body needs scientists, say campaigners

BBC Online
(6th December 2010)

Campaigners have criticised government plans to remove the legal requirement for scientists to be on the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs.

Tension at heart of drug classification

BBC News Online
(12th July 2010)

This BBC News article discusses the Drug Equality Alliance's victory over the Home Office in getting the suppressed suppressed Drugs Classification Review document from 2006 released.

Disabled man walks free after drug conviction

The Independent
(26th May 2010)

Freedom of Information ruling on drug classification proposals

UKCIA News Blog
(15th March 2010)

Government forced to publish consultation paper on the future of drugs classification 2006

UKCIA News Blog
(14th March 2010)

Cannabis campaigner charged with possession

Western Telegraph
(24th January 2010)

Please note that there are a couple of errors in the above article. Firstly, the hearing was stayed to allow the defendant to present the Drug Equality arguments, not to await any other cases. Secondly, the charge in question is production and not possession.

Cannabis test case in court

Wigan Today
(18th May 2009)

Cannabis Ain't A Crime

The Freeborn Times
(29th April 2009)

Edwin Stratton Audio Interview

Dopefiend Dopecast 168
13th April 2009)

Listen to an interview with Edwin Stratton of the Drug Equality Alliance. In this interview Edwin, clearly explains the basics of the Drug Equality Alliance's legal arguments and talks about his case. We strongly recommend that you listen to this as an introduction to our legal arguments.
(Source: Dopefiend Dopecast 168)
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Teacher in court over drugs

Manchester Evening News
(25th March 2009)

Making a hash of drugs policy

Guardian Online
(26th January 2009)

Government challenged on drugs law

Transform Drug Policy Foundation
(14th October 2008)